5 Element Acupuncture

The Five Elements

The Chinese saw the worlds’ energy and substance made up of five interacting elements. These elements are manifested in our body, and each element has 2 or more organs and emotions associated with it:

Wood – Liver and Gallbladder – Anger/ Frustration ,  Benevolence
Fire –  Heart / Pericardium , Small Intestine, – Joy, Sadness, Sorting
Earth Stomach and Spleen – Sympathy, Empathy,  Overthinking / Worry
Metal –  Lungs and Large Intestine  – Grief /Loss, Respect
Water –  Kidneys and Bladder – Fear , Drive and Will Power

Your Element
Your element governs your constitution ( your body’s health and vitality). It is both your strength and your weakness, and helps define what makes you tick. At birth, it is believed that the energy of  your key elements ( and so  organs  ) will be more unbalanced than the rest . As it is a primary imbalance, then it causes the other elements ( and thus organs ) to become imbalanced.  A persons’ physical and emotional symptoms can usually be traced back to a weakness in their element.

The Emotions
The energy of our organs are the source of our emotions. Although we have many motivations in life, it is the emotions of our element that will be key to what really drives us and shapes our world. When our elemental emotion is functioning well, it gives us our direction and strength to be at our best. But it is also the emotion that can most make us feel unwell or unbalanced. We feel most alive and productive when we are  ” in our element “.

The Deepest Level
Because we have all the elements / organs within us, we will recognise bits of ourselves in all the element types. However there is one set of emotions that underpin our key issues. It is the job of the practitioner to peel away the layers and uncover the weakest link, so allowing healing at the deepest level.When we treat using five element acupuncture, we are treating the core of a person. After treatment many people report feeling ‘better in themselves’, or say they feel their ‘true self again’.

In order to diagnose your element, a practitioner does not only look at the personality and underlying driving emotion of a person. She will also pay attention to the colours on a persons’ face, especially around the eyes, the sound of a persons’ voice and even their odour .

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