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Deb and Al are fully qualified and licensed Acupuncturists in Bristol. We are both members of the British Acupuncture Council. In our practice we treat all kinds of physical illnesses and offer a specialist service for people with stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and emotional difficulties. We have undergone further training in fertility acupuncture and often have photos sent to us of babies who, we believe, we have had a small  helping hand in getting here . We  met at Acupuncture College and are now married with kids.

Deb Heberlet  –  (MSc, LicAC, MBAcC)- Deb loves treating all kinds of complaints but has a special interest and done post grad acupuncture  training  in mental and emotional problems and their effect on health.  Her first degree is in Psychology. She has done further training in Mens Health and Gynaeocological Probelms. She also enjoys working successfully with men and women in  the 50 PLUS age group and believes acupuncture can help your body stay supple and healthy, your mind remain sharp and your menopause pass smoothly.  She set up an auricular acupuncture drop in session for The Big Issue to help with addiction problems.

Al Hessari – (LicAc, MBAcC, BAHons) – Al is a general acupuncturist , and also specialises in fertility, stress, anxiety and depression. He has worked for many years with people with mental health problems, from teenagers to elders. Al has been the acupuncturist at Staff Support Services in Swindon, providing acupuncture to NHS, Social Services and Education employees. He was the acupuncturist at the Terrence Higgins Trust , Bristol for 2 years.

The British Acupuncture Council is the major professional body for highly trained acupuncturists. We adhere to its strict Codes of Ethics and Hygiene. We have undergone a vigorous three and a half year training in Chinese Medicine , alongside a comprehensive education in Western Medicine at The College of Integrated Chinese Medicine. We are both fully insured. We practice TCM and 5 Element Acupuncture.

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