Acupuncture doubles chance of having a baby with IVF, study suggests

The Telegraph, 4th July, 2016

Deb and Al have been helping couples with acupuncture alongside IVF for over a decade now. Acupuncture increases your chances of success and also helps you relax.

The study from the Telegraph article was done at Homerton University Hospital in London. 80 couples had IVF alone, 80 had IVF and four acupuncture sessions. 46.2 per cent of the couples having acupuncture  achieved pregnancy, whereas only 21.7 per cent were successful in the non-acupuncture group. Success rates were twice as high among those having acupuncture.

People who come to us for help with fertility find the element of stress reduction that our treatment brings invaluable.

Dr Adam Balen, chairman of the British Fertility Society  commented: “There is no doubt that when people are given acupuncture it can feel like an extra dimension of support. Fertility treatment is stressful and it can be quite helpful to have a therapy which relaxes them.”


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