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Baby and Child Acupuncture -- no needles!

Shonishin is a type of very gentle Children’s Acupuncture. It works by tapping and stroking the acupuncture points with special rounded tools. Far from what you would expect from regular acupuncture, children seem to love it.

Regular Acupuncture with needles for Babies and Children often works very well… but needles and children don’t mix. So Al was delighted when he discovered Shonishin, a type of needless acupuncture developed especially for treating Children and Babies. Al has trained with Stephen Birch, the Shonishin expert in the English speaking world.

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The history of Shonishin dates back to ancient China, where not only was acupuncture practiced with needles that we would recognise today, but also with other implements with rounded, smooth edges. These were used to tap or stroke the acupuncture channels. 300 years ago the Japanese took this idea and developed a style unique to treating children. In Japanese Shoni = child or little one, shin = needle or acupuncture tool. In modern Japan people take their children to Shinishin if they are ill or need their vitality building. This ancient practice is thriving and is now used around the world.

How it works

Just as regular acupuncture uses the idea of acupuncture channels and points, needleless acupuncture uses the same theories. The acupuncturist asks questions about the child’s health and behaviour and feels their pulse. The acupuncturist then uses the regular channels and acupuncture points with some adaptations to suit babies and children. Children often find this kind of treatment calming and enjoyable.

What to expect

The acupuncturist will find out about the child’s health, temperament, and history. Treatment itself is usually very quick with the shonishin itself only taking 5 minutes. Sessions are needed weekly at first. After a while parents can be taught  to do some home treatment themselves.

Watch a video:

This is my favourite shonishin video although it looks quite old fashioned. You can see how relaxed the boy is with the treatment.





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