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Enjoy your Summer!

Acupuncture really makes an enormous difference to some hay fever sufferers’ lives. There is good evidence that acupuncture is better than medication at treating hayfever and it doesn’t have the nasty side effects that medication can cause.

“I’ve suffered hay fever nearly all my life. After a couple of sessions with Al the improvement was amazing, and I could get on with enjoying the summer.”
(Paul, 36, IT Manager)

”Amazing! Helped me with my hayfever and I feel 100% better. Al was helpful and understanding, making sure he did everything for my best interests. Definitely recommend to everyone and anyone! Big thumbs up!”
(Isabelle, 19, Waitress)

When to start treatment

Acupuncture for hayfever usually works very well if you start during the hayfever season. It can work even better though, if you start a month or so before your hayfever usually begins. This is to allow your system to strengthen, so you are more ready to deal with the pollen when it comes. Some patients,who usually take the maximum dose of anti-hystamines, cope without taking any at all  after a few treatments. Hayfever often affects the sinuses, and there are acupuncture points which help to clear your head and nose.

The World Health Organisation states:

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‘In controlled studies, it has been shown that acupuncture is more effective than antihistamine drugs in the treatment of allergic rhinitis. Acupuncture’s lack of side-effects is a distinct advantage in treating this condition..’
(Analysis of Controlled Trials of Acupuncture)

Evidence and Research

The link below is from The British Acupuncture Council, who have a commitment to giving impartial objective information about acupuncture.

Hayfever and Acupuncture research



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