Here are some links you may find useful.

The Parker Clinic
Al practices here.
The Parker Clinic is a long established chiropractic clinic. Along with acupuncture, they also offer remedial Massage.


The Pierian Centre
Deb practices in the healing rooms here.
They also offer:
– Courses in personal development and self-improvement
– Courses for development of managers and organisations
– Meeting and seminar facilities for local businesses or groups
– Local artists’ exhibitions, creative activities and workshops


British Acupuncture Council
Our professional body, The British Acupuncture Council is the major professional body for highly trained acupuncturists.


College of Integrated Chinese Medicine
This is the acupuncture College Deb and Al both trained at.


Chinese Medicine Times
Chinese Medicine Times is a reputable Acupuncture and Chinese medicine ejournal. It is aimed at practitioners and students, and anyone with an interest in research on the subject. Subscription is free.
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