The Water Type

The organs associated with water are the kidneys and bladder.

The emotion associated with water is fear. Fear is a primordial emotion, necessary for survival. It allows us fight (taking our place in the world) or flight (withdrawing from the world). Wisdom, another quality associated with water, allows us to know when it is right to fight or to flee .

Some water people court fear and so engage in life in a reckless and foreceful manner. For others, fear freezes them, so they withdraw from life and their potential. They are too scared to take a risk and achieve success. Some water people can swing between recklessness and fear, in different aspects of their lives, or at different times in their lives.

Kidney energy is associated with drive, ambition, motivation, will power, wisdom and skill.


A Water in Balance
When balanced, a water  person can feel their fear, assess risk with wisdom, and drawing on their drive, will power and hard work, create a potent place in the world for themselves. As such they are solid, reassuring and trustworthy individuals.

Key IssuesAppropriate risk assessment, measured ambition, steady hard worker, wisdom, will power, attention to warning signs.

A Water out of Balance
Workaholic or very lazy
Self motivated or needing motivational input
Dangerous risk taker or extremely conservative
Over ambitious to the point of ruthlessness or feeling impotent and withdrawing from the world
Not heeding realistic warnings from others or someone that cannot be reassured
Unrealistic trust in self or over trusting or not trusting in their ability, untrustworthy and suspicious of others.

Key Issues : – Un /Over Reassured ; Fear – ful / less  ;    Lazy, Unstoppable ;   Under or Over / Motivated ; Trust / Suspicion; Inappropriate Risk Assessment

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